English Essay

English Essay
English Essay
There are certain instructions from the teachers that will help you become more creative and more resourceful. When you are only required to write an English essay, then you have the option to be free on choosing the topic interest for your article or even use resources that you think are important and helpful for your writing. Let me give you some leads on what types of English essays can be written.

You must first make a decision on what direction or goal you wish to trek in writing an essay. Usually, there are certain aspects that will relate the quality of an essay to the accomplishment of these goals. When I say goal, it is like an intention or the style of writing that is evident in your essay. Some of the most common ones are the following:

Narrative essay – tells as story, based on true to life events or imagination

Classification essay – grouping objects according to a specified category or trait.

Cause and Effect essay – a type of article that introduces your logical reasoning on certain events.

Analytical essay – the essay that analyses deeper perspectives about a secondary article

Persuasive essay – an essay that involves the persuasion of readers to accept an idea

Argumentative essay – article that argues about a topic and provides support through evidences and proofs

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