Student Essay – Things that you need to know

Student Essay – Things that you need to know
Student Essay – Things that you need to know
It is really an exciting task to compose an essay. Actually, this only happens if you are free to decide what topics to write about. In a classroom setting, this is usually observed when you are simply required to write a student essay. It is like a freehand writing project in which you as a student will take care of all the parameters of writing the article so you are simply writing a composition on your own. Now, what are the different goals in writing a student essay?

There are many ideas to write about for an essay scheme. We will not simply discuss the specific topics. Instead, the writing goals should also be emphasized to help you maintain a good direction of writing. The following list is a good start to realize what custom essay topics can be incorporated into these essay writing goals:

Narrative essay Descriptive essays Classification essay

Cause and effect essays Logical essay Persuasive essays

Argumentative essays Exploratory essays Critical analysis essays

Aside from the fact that you need to have a direction, it is also important that you know how to format the student essay in an acceptable system of writing. Of course, you already know that there are only three parts in an essay; Introduction, Body and the Conclusion.

Now, if you like to incorporate some research results within your student essay, you also need to use a citation style that fits your topic. There are at least three major citation styles; APA, MLA and Harvard. APA can be used for science topics, MLA for humanities and the arts while Harvard is flexible.

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