MLA Research Paper

MLA Research Paper
MLA Research Paper
What are the different types of citation styles that you are familiar with? Now that you have learned how to use these formats in your essay writing task, it is important that we take a look back at home the MLA research paper is written. Many of you might have used the format from your simple essay writing but it is possible that you have already forgotten how it is possible to write an MLA research paper Let us consider the three most important things in any citation styles.


An MLA research paper can be used for most humanities type of subject interest. For example, a personal essay topic can have MLA format writing while a science based article can use APA. For the pagination technique, the MLA style is simple. You only need to input your last name and then the page number.

Adams 45

In-text citation

It is important that you know how to do in-text citation for MLA format writing. This is rather simple also; input the last name of the author together with the date of publication of his work. After you have integrated the part from his article, you may enclose the detail in quotation marks.

“The planets will collide by 2067” (Richardson, 1986).


The things that you need in the bibliography entries for an MLA research paper are the authors’ name, publication date, title of his work, medium source, city of publication and sometimes edition number or volume together with publishing company.

Davis, Misa. The Event Horizon. 5. Jakarta: Telamuk, 1954.

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