APA Research Paper

APA Research Paper
APA Research Paper
We are always providing assistance in writing your different essays. Sometimes, you are required to compose an APA research paper but are you really prepared to do so? Today, let us discuss the different things that will involve the creation of an articles that follow the APA format essay medium of citation.

An APA research paper has a pagination that includes the title of the work and then the actual page number. If you will notice, these details are included at the upper right hand corner of the pages. For example, The influence of History 78.

When it comes to in text citation, the APA research paper also has a certain rule compared to an MLA research paper. You can include the author’s last name followed by the publication year of his work. This is done after you have integrated the exact phrase or sentence that you wish to use in your article. Here is an example: “Many of the people in Australia do not have access to clean water” (Smith, 1998).

Lastly, an APA research paper needs to have a References page. You need the author’s name, title of his work, publication year, city where it was published and sometimes the publishing company if you are referencing a book.

Ex. Langley, Joseph (1997). The Wars. New York: Oxen.

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