To Cram or Not to Cram

A concerning problem for all college students are their exams. Be it the midterms or the final exams, it is always on their minds when it comes up. Fortunately most students understand that this is not something that they can usually cram for at the last minute, but there are still the ones who can not seem to put this concept into their heads and therefore walk down the road to academic probation.

If you look at this statistically, it is only a small percentage of students that fail their exams because they can not seem to understand that they can not pass an exam because of how a professor will usually design the test. But if you look at the numbers, the number is quite extraordinary forcing people to wonder why they continue this path of failure.

Students who fall into this category are not all as foolish as one may conclude. Some are just completely lazy, others have no ambition and few deem it as pointless to even attempt so just accept their failure or it may be a combination of these involved with other factors. Though there can be other reasons for a student's misgivings where the most common reasons being a decline in their physical health such as contracting a cold or a major incident in their family such as an accident or a death.

Now sometimes it is impossible for a student to control what road they are walking on as mentioned previously, but for the most of them, they are just simply moronic. They completely fail to understand that it is impossible for them to cram for a final in the last minute. They might have previous attempts of passing a certain class using this method, but usually those classes are a complete joke to the name of higher education. Such classes as University 100 or maybe a low level psychology class are just plain way too easy for college students that even an elementary school student should be able to pass.

How a midterm is usually designed by the professor is that they decide to make it cumulative. While this is an easy concept to understand the student who crams for these tests are unable to understand their own limits. As cramming may suffice for a quiz or a small test as they concentrate on a small number of points of being taught an exam is completely different. Cramming for an exam such as the midterm or the final is a completely irresponsible way to prepare for such an important part of the class.

Exams are much more extensive as it usually covers multiple points that were made by the professor during the lecture and are usually more in-depth compared to the counterpart. Therefore for a student who may continually use cramming to study for an exam is considered stupid for never learning that it doesn't usually work. As there is a saying, "fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me".

Understanding that cramming should not be the usual method of studying is important for a student to understand and is the one of the firsts step to academic success.

To Cram or Not to Cram 9 of 10 on the basis of 915 Review.