Main Requirements of MLA format

Main Requirements of MLA format
Main Requirements of MLA format
We have previously encountered some students who are not really familiar with citation formats in writing a research paper. Actually, this is a very special skill that you need to understand because it will not suffice to simply use reference materials to your dissertation without even bothering to cite where you have gotten your resources. Let is teach you today so you won’t be asking again the question “What is MLA format?”

The inquiry of what is MLA format may address three factors. These are the pagination styling, the inclusion of in-text citations and the creation of a bibliography page. Let us discuss each of them one at a time.

Dissertation writing for beginners is really something frustrating. Even the simple pagination format, it will prove depressing if you cannot even place the appropriate page numbers to your document. For an MLA format paper, you need to include your last name as the author of the paper together with the page number. These info will then be printed on the upper right hand corner of each page. E.g Morrissson 45 or Smith 56.

A good research paper should reflect the capacity of the writer to recognize the works of others. If you are going to use phrases or information from another source, then you need to do in-text citation. This is fairly easy in a What is MLA format question. You simply need to include the phrase in quotation marks and then end it with a parenthetical print including the Author’s last name and the page number. E.g. “Our planet will only last 20 years.” (Blair 45).

Lastly, an MLA format paper needs a “Works Cited” page which is the name of the bibliography page for an MLA document. You can take a look at the formatting style below:

Andrews, Julie. The Mocking Bird. 2. Atlanta: Drake Balmes, 1956.

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