Writing Your Opinion Essay

Writing Your Opinion Essay
Writing Your Opinion Essay
An opinion essay is one of the most common types of written articles in schools. Basically, the main intention in writing such an essay is for the writer to present his viewpoints or ideas about a topic. Of course in order rot be coning that he knows what he is talking about, using some support arguments and proofs will always be necessary. But what are the basic parts needed in an opinion essay?

You may be surprised that writing an opinion essay is as simple as writing any types of compositions. Most essay prompts will require the three stage segment of writing which will include the following:
Introduction – The part where the author provides the background of the topic as well as the thesis statement scope.
Body paragraphs – The segment where the main discussion is written in which proofs and arguments are presented.
Conclusion – The finalizing part of the opinion essay that will summarize the entire article as well as answer the problem statement at hand.

An opinion essay should be written in a way that will engage the readers to read it further after the introductory part. Some essay topic interest will suffice to encourage the readers to read the entire essay just by presenting the main subject. However, this is not always the case so it is important that you know how to at least attract your audience to completely understand your thoughts in an article discussion. Some tips below might help you do just that.

1. Recognize the thoughts of the readers and address them immediately in the introduction part.
2. As a style, you can start with some quotation sentence lines.
3. Provoke your readers to accept your opinion.
4. Induce some radical and controversial facts and information that will stir their imagination.Writing an opinion essay is a form of a “freehand” writing because only your opinion will count. However, you may also integrate some leads of purpose in writing it. For example, a persuasive essay format can be integrated in your opinion and present some facts about a topic that will lead to persuading your readers. Or, you can write a about a narrative essay topics that will explain or tell a story which will also include your opinion about an event, life experience or social issues. http://www.masterpapers.com/blog/2008/12/

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