International student loans

International student loans
International student loans
If you are from a country with a lesser exchange rate youâ?™ll easily realize that studying in the US or the UK is going to be very difficult to finance. The International Student Loan Program is now present for international students from around the world, who aim for a gradute education in USA, UK or Canada.
Private loans or alternative international student loans.
These loans offer:
â?¢ Funds are which are disbursed directly to you and not to the college.
â?¢ Loans are accepted at TERI-approved schools which you have to select before hand.
â?¢ Interest rates are made competitive for the international students benefit.
â?¢ No application fees for the loan.
â?¢ You can use the funds for living expenses but it also means you have to manage the funds carefully. Pay your schooling, accomodation, health insurance and books,and incidentals first
â?¢ Repayment of an international student loan is deferred while you studying and for six months after you graduate. After that, you will have a time period of 20 years to repay the loan monthly.
Here are a few examples of private student loans which are available to the International students,
1. GATE Student Loan Program or the Guaranteed Access to Education is a private student loan program which is offered through contributing schools along with Banks. Undergraduate international students can borrow under this program with a US citizen as a cosigner.
2. Global Student Loan Corporation or GSLC requires a co-signer in the student’s home country who is the student’s parent or guardian
3. International Student Loan Program and Study Abroad Loan Program are an alternative private loan program for international students to study at accepted US colleges and academies.

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Before applying for a loan, you should exhaust the following potential funding sources:
1. Try to contact your college and ask for an interantional student aid package.
2. Search out and apply for any type of international student scholarships or grants on your own.
3. Every dollar you borrow has to be paid back and if you are from an economy which has an exchange rate which is not favorable, then watch out! You could be digging your self into a world of debt.Carefully evaluate the amount youâ?™ll be needing and donâ?™t be afraid of asking for help from government agencies and friends with influence.
4. Contact every schoolâ?™s international scholar administrative center, application agency, and registrar’s office. Request specific information about international student aid.
5. You may find that you need to seek out private student loans rather than rely on government loans, which are not available to nonresidents. But the country of your residence can still provide you with government loans which can prove more economical then the country you will be studying in.
International student loans are available for students, as private rather than government loans and almost all these loans require a American citizen as consignee.

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