Alternative student loans! What are they for?

Alternative student loans! What are they for?
Alternative student loans! What are they for?
Wondering about how youâ?™ll be able to carry on with only the federal aid youâ?™ve received? Alternative loans are offered by banks or lending institutions to assist students or parents in bridging the gap between college costs and financial aid. These loans are private supplemental loans, and are not guaranteed by the federal government. Terms of interest and repayment conditions may also vary from company to company.

Who can apply for an alternative student-loan?
Every student can apply for alternative student-loan but its a better option to first apply for federal aid which has much lower interest rates, requires no credit check or an additional co-signer. The alternative student loan can always be used for additional expenses like food, accommodation, and traveling.

What are the basic requirements for applying for a private student loan?
o Most companies require at least 18 months of approved credit history.
o Most companies have an online application process but require approval from your college before the application can be processed.
o A reasonable debt to income ratio.
o A cosigner to guarantee the loan.

How much can a person borrow?
The maximum you can borrow is your cost of attendance, after minusing all sources of Financial Aid received. You can borrow as much as you want but its best to keep the level to a minimum, after all, youâ?™ll have to pay it back one day. You can also borrow more than one time in an academic year.

How do I select the best lender for me?
If you go on the Internet you can get a detailed list of all the different lenders who are there online. Compare interest rates, the speed of processing, the maximum amount you can receive, and the repayment plan before you choose a specific lender. You can also ask lenders to send you detailed information about their requirements and then compare them.

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What about repayment facilities?
Very, very important! Repayment of private student loans varies from lender to lender, but the repayment choice is similar to that of federal loans i.e. there will be a free period of six months to nine months after graduation, before repayment of the loan starts. During this free period, the student can find a good and dependable source of income to repay the loans. Please take these private student loans seriously and make it a point to always pay fully and on time. This will ensure a good credit history is reported to finance agencies and they will assign you a good credit score as a good investment. A good credit score can help you get backing for a car loan, a house loan and sometimes even a good job.
An alternative student is always available for the student to help out in everyday expenses but its better to keep these expenses to the minimum. The bigger the amount the longer time itâ?™ll take to pay back

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