A student is one who is studying either in an educational institution or one who is enrolled in an educational programme through correspondence or distance learning mode of attaining education. The educational life is the best part of oneâ?™s life. It is a phase, which enables a person to grow both personally and academically. No matter how old or successful one gets, one is sure to cherish the memories of this part of his life always. This phase plays a great role in shaping the personality of an individual. Often a personâ?™s personality is judged on the basis of the institution in which he has attained education.

These days, pupils do not seem to take their academic life seriously. This is a matter of concern as these are the years that prove to be a stepping-stone to the future. The pupils are of impressionable age and might not realize how much they are loosing by neglecting their studies. Teachers and parents should take the responsibility of showing the right direction to them.

In this age of ever-increasing new technologies it is difficult to keep the young minds trapped in the older way of education. So apart from class lecturers there should be a plethora of group activities and practical work that motivate pupils to learn and make the best out of their academic life. In fact this kind of approach in education has already been introduced in schools, colleges and universities worldwide. An amalgamation of practical and theoretical knowledge would perfectly compliment the need of a pupilâ?™s requirements to excel in the world that lies ahead of his college days.

Today a pupil is not just confined to his homeland for his education. Different kinds of education can be availed at different parts of the world. Based on oneâ?™s merit a pupil can get the admission even in a foreign institution. Though this kind of education is expensive, the experience of learning this way is a kind of eye opener for the pupil. This way a person is not only able to achieve the best education but also enrich himself with the cultures and lifestyle of a completely different place. There are many scholarships and loans available for attaining education in foreign institutions of repute. If one has the talent and the capacity then the sky is the limit.

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Education never ends. Some people who have been highly successful in their careers or who are old enough still consider themselves as pupils. They believe that each day at work teaches them a new lesson. In fact many believe that no amount of academic knowledge can give one as much insight as the on the job experiences. This is the reason why there is a stress on â?˜on the job trainingâ?™ for pupils. Pupils work as part timers or freelancers these days. This enables them to not only hone their skills but earn some pocket money as well.

Student life is a vehicle to a personâ?™s all round growth. One should try to make the best out of this precious phase of life.

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