Student center

Student center
Student center
A student center is a place where pupils study, relax or engage in some recreational activity, which might be situated on or off the campus. The place is an extension to the study area but offers a variety of student activities other than the studies. These activities are in accordance to the level of education of the students and the stream of education they belong to.

Each member of the college is given a card or number, which works as an identification proof or access card without which entering the premises or using the different facilities is prohibited. Some of the teachers and office staff of the college too, are given a student card so that they can enter the premises and check the discipline from time to time.

There are certain policies, which each member has to abide by so that the available facilities remain well maintained for even the future pupils of the institution. These may be prohibition of:
â?¢ bringing any animal inside the premises
â?¢ smoking
â?¢ gambling
â?¢ use of drugs or any illicit substance
â?¢ use of firearms
â?¢ unauthorized or indecent postings or distribution of written material
â?¢ taking away of property that belongs to the institution
This institution is generally managed by a committee, which consists of both the college staff and pupils. The committee guidelines should be the benchmark of all the activities. Those who ignore these guidelines might even have to pay fine for doing so. If any kinds of disputes take place in the premises then the judgment of the committee is considered the final word.

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There are certain facilities like TV, computer, game room, cafeteria, fitness rooms etc. These facilities are generally provided on the first come first serve basis. There is no reservation given on the basis of the pupilsâ?™ class, age or status. Hence there should be no disputes regarding it. The maintenance of these is the responsibility of the pupils. So they should handle all the equipments with care and should always try to maintain cleanliness.

Distance education has gradually become the most convenient mode of education. Since distance learners do not get to interact with their fellow pupils in class, a meeting point is arranged for them to meet from time to time and catch up with each other and their studies. Through these meeting points they get to know many things like project work, the way in which an assignment needs to be submitted or any group activity that is being organized for them. They are even able to attend some complimentary classes by the faculty arranged by the institution in which they are enrolled. All this takes place in the center.

Student centers can also be virtual meeting points for both the regular and distance-learning candidates. These are web pages that have many links that educate and inform the pupils about the various activities related to their studies. All the pupils are given a login ID so that only the legible candidates are able access the information and facilities provided. Hence whether it is a virtual or face-to-face interaction these meeting points are excellent ways of bringing together all the pupils.

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