Student affairs

Student affairs
Student affairs
Student affairs are an integral part of every college that strives to provide all round development of its pupils. There are separate departments and student assistance foundation in most of the colleges that provides opportunity of engagement of students in extra curricular activities, learning and discovering things that would not only mould them into a well educated and responsible member of their institution but also of the global community.

The purpose of a separate division for day-to-day activities in each college is to develop a campus culture that promotes the motto of the college. In a meaningful and interesting way highest standards of academic as well as spiritual, moral and social excellence are set. The mission is to promote the learning experience of each and every pupil of the institution through the implementation of dynamic programs, state of the art facilities and lots of impeccable activities.

The pupils get an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities like sports, arts and social work. Through these activities they are made to be more caring towards the society and at the same time develop their creativity. Lots of competitions, meetings and other group activities, like student art, for instunce, are organised to bring all the students on the same platform so that they are able to connect to each other wholeheartedly.

For this purpose they even have the option to connect to each other through their bios, which they can display on the bulletin board as a way of introducing themselves to the entire college community. Interaction between the pupils of a college was always encouraged through various activities but of late with the advent of modern technology it has became a lot easier. Thanks to the computer and the Internet one gets to know what is happening in the campus and be a part of it, even when one is bedridden for days at home.

Through virtual interaction one can get connected to even those pupils and faculty who do not belong to oneâ?™s department and seek their help or advice on issues related to campus or the society at large. Oneâ?™s own viewpoints can also be fostered this way. So the modernization of activities in college enables one to participate even when one is away for sometime. This has strengthened the relationship between all the pupils and instilled the idea of oneness amongst them. This is the reason why the campuses of today are buzzing with activity and excitement even when the stress levels among pupils are at an all time high.

The pupils are stressed out because the race of survival of the fittest is becoming more and more tough and competitive. In such circumstances the pressure to excel in oneâ?™s vocation and studies is immense. Modern way of learning means more of practical work. This also takes lots of energy of the pupils. Between these academic demands one relaxes through different extra curricular programs organized in the campus.

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Thus the student affairs divisions of every institution are extremely important to enrich not only the learning experience of the pupils but also their lives.

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