Foreign exchange student

Foreign exchange student
Foreign exchange student
Foreign exchange students are those who go abroad to pursue their studies for around eight to ten months. These pupils are made to stay with a family of the host country, which generally has children of the same age group. These families are mostly volunteers and consider the idea of hosting a student belonging to a different culture as a great learning opportunity about a new culture. There are many parameters on which families are judged whether they are capable of being the host of pupils from abroad. These families are thoroughly scrutinized. Once they are declared eligible, they are provided help in choosing a candidate, which would be best suited for them.

The pupils who have come abroad to spend some time of their study life are expected to make as many friends belonging to the host country as possible. They are also expected to participate in not only studies but also all the extra curricular activities of the college they are attending.

There are many agencies that arrange for this kind of programs. But first a pupil would have to fulfil all the requirements of studying abroad. Apart from being good at studies, the pupils are expected to have at least working knowledge of the language of the country in which they wish to go for their educational program.

This kind of a program is a big eye opener for these pupils who are mostly teenagers. The impact of a different culture leaves an everlasting impression on them even after they return back from their host countries. There is no better way to teach pupils about the foreign culture and the people than sending them off to another land. No amount of theoretical knowledge would give as much insights as the practical experience. The pupils generally head to a country, which is more developed than their own country. This is why America is a hot choice of most of the pupils of the world because they know that this is the place where they can realize their dreams even when they have got a small amount of time to spend there. Mostly the pupils of language and culture participate in these kinds of program so the countries, which have a rich tradition; culture and heritage are also hotspots of learning.

The cost one will have to pay depends on the duration of the program, the country one is going to, contents of the course etc. Apart from these most of the programs also include costs of insurance, applicable risk management issues and travelling charges. If one wishes to pursue such a program but have lack of resources to do so he may apply for the different loans and scholarships that are there to help the pupils achieve their dreams. Student assistance foundation is organization which helps students as well.

Foreign exchange students benefit tremendously from studying abroad. They do not only learn about a new culture but also discover many things about their own country and its culture in the process of explaining the foreigners about oneâ?™s motherland.

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