Student assistance foundation

Student assistance foundation
Student assistance foundation
Student assistance foundation is a non-profit organization. The main purpose of this organization is to provide financial help to pupils who want to pursue their higher studies but are facing financial difficulties. This organization has a board of directors who take important decisions and keep track of the day-to-day activities.

The organization strives to provide not only help but also knowledge to the pupils and their families regarding funding of their studies. The qualities like commitment, accountability, trust, integrity, honesty etc. are the values through which they cater to their customers. Lots of programs like counselling, training on planning of educational finance; community outreach, grants etc. are organized by the organization to provide all kinds of help to the pupils.

This organization is based in Helena, Montana. It employs more than 250 people and is operational since the year 2000. It can be described as a 501(c)(3) organization. It works for the Montana pupils and since its inception it has provided more than $10 million to Montanans in public benefit. It does not receive any funding from the state of Montana.

It provides services like financial planning for the college in the areas of grants, community outreach etc. It arranges for access and affordability programs, student loan products and services, third party loan services and corporate loan generation services. It also manages 150(d) corporations.

This support organization offers many kinds of loans to pupils. These are consolidation, stafford, plus, graduate plus, private and private education loans. Consolidation loans are meant for both graduate and undergraduate pupils. As the name signifies multiple loans are consolidated into a single loan. This saves a lot of hassles, as you have to make only one monthly payment. Just like consolidation, stafford loan can also be availed by both graduates and undergraduates. This is a non-collateral government guaranteed loan. You get the advantage of flexible repayment plans at low interest rates. Plus loans are for the guardians of pupils whose higher education fees is their responsibility. Graduate plus loans is for those parents whose graduate children are dependant on them for education either partially or completely. Private loans are for pupils who want to take financial assistance for their personal needs. Private education loan is yet another source of help to pupils who want to fund their increasing educational costs. This loan is provided in conjunction with the major financial institutions of U.S.
Student assistance foundation arranges for different community functions in order to raise funds for its various programs. It wants the best of facilities for the Montana pupils so that their learning years do not get hampered due to lack of resources. Apart from their studies it also cares for their excursions and other related events to provide them a well-balanced learning environment. Apart from press releases it also produces a couple of newsletters to generate awareness among the future students and their parents about the support system that it offers. It also conducts studies and surveys to check whether it has been successful in providing satisfactory services to students in order to help them in achieving their educational goals.

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