Examples of Definition Essays

Examples of Definition Essays
Examples of Definition Essays
A definition essay is one of the many assignments given to students in a majority of subjects. As you might have guessed from the name, its objective is to define a notion, an issue, a phenomenon, etc. Certainly, a good dictionary will provide you with definitions for most of the things, but this is definitely insufficient to create a decent essay.
Tips for a Captivating and Developed Definition Essay
Remember to formulate a thesis statement as it will assert the objective and main idea of your essay.
Try to find a new angle to defining the notion in question.
Employ all 5 senses to engage the reader. Appeal to the sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch if it is applicable for your topic.
Don’t take a dictionary entry to describe your topic. Make use of your own thoughts, opinions and perceptions instead.
However, you shouldn’t rely solely on your own knowledge either. Most probably, you will need to conduct a research on the subject.
Use various stylistic devices (such as metaphor, rhetorical question, allusion, simile, etc.) to increase the literary richness of your definition essay.

Below you can review three outlines for quality definition essays.
Topic 1: Prejudice
Thesis statement

Prejudice is a misbelief about something or someone which is usually based on an unjustified opinion.

Prejudice plays a significant role in our lives even if we do not admit it. It is necessary to have the clear understanding of prejudice to detect it in others and prevent oneself from having it.
Body paragraphs

The points to consider when writing the body:

1. How prejudice is formed.

2. Is prejudice a feeling or a trait of one’s character?

3. What kinds of people are likely to be prejudiced?

4. Does the level of intelligence and education influence the proneness to prejudice?

5. Did famous writers mention the issue of prejudice? What were their opinions?

Re-define the notion of prejudice in terms of the research results and deductions.
Topic 2: Stereotypes of marriage
Thesis statement

Marriage stereotypes are certain ideas which are held true about marriage and roles of a husband and a wife in it.

Marriage is one of the basic institutions of society. It has been researched and analyzed for centuries. Most beliefs have developed and changed, but some have remained as the fundamental basis. They are called marriage stereotypes or tenets being declared as true without giving proper reasoning.
Body paragraphs

Some ideas to tackle are:

1. Gender roles in family.

2. Biblical roles in marriage as a source of postulates about family.

3. List of marriage related beliefs.

4. The significance of the influence family stereotypes have on people.

5. Impact of changes in society on stereotypes.

Restate how these stereotypes were formed and what for. Resume their role in society.
Topic 3: Alternative energy
Thesis statement

Alternative energy includes all unconventional sources of electrical energy.

Fossil fuels are being exhausted. Therefore, the need has arisen to find other sources of energy.
Body paragraphs

Possible questions to address are:

1. Why is there a need for alternative energy resources?

2. What can be a source of electrical energy?

3. How these alternative resources are different from the conventional ones?

4. Do they have any drawbacks?

5. Can they be used as the main source of energy potentially and currently?

Give a fuller definition of alternative energy which will be based on your findings and inferences.

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