Types of Essay Scholarships

Types of Essay Scholarships
Types of Essay Scholarships
There are hundreds of essay scholarships on the Internet. These scholarships are given in recognition of essays that are of high quality and written in response to an essay competition announcement. These essays are written in much the same vein as the general essay. However, they usually deal with topics that are different from the general topics asked for in school essay and college essay or for entrance tests.

The topics could be issue based and of concern to the world, country, or state, or even to the organization that sponsors the award. Different university departments also give out awards for brilliantly written essays on their respective subjects. Take for instance, the University of Toronto�s Department of History award for outstanding �undergraduate essays in history.� The two awards in this category are the Bertie Wilkinson Scholarship and All Souls Historical Essay Scholarship.

My College Guide carries a long list of essay awards given to students for various interesting and thought provoking concerns such as world peace, political courage, the Holocaust, and other issues. Take a look at the list of various organizations that fund these awards.

Medical topics are often subjects of hot discussion. It would take a dedicated and good medico to pin down ideas related to the medical field in an essay form. The Tema Conter memorial trust gives out awards to an emergency service student who writes the best paper on Critical incident stress and PTSD/Post Traumatic stress Disorder and how these affect the �personal and professional lives of emergency service personnel�.

The scholarships are based on issues that enhance the writer�s abilities to think critically, apply the mind analytically, and use language creatively. In order to test a �candidate�s critical thinking skills,� the James Randi Educational Foundation (1996) has instituted the �Critical Thinking scholarship Awards.� Since the aim to test critical thinking, candidates from any field of study could apply for these scholarships; the criteria would be �the applicant�s academic potential, background, and most importantly, their plans for building their critical thinking skills into their chosen field of study ��.

The E.J. Josey Scholarship Award is for Africa American students studying for courses accredited by the American Library Association (ALA). The essays have to be around 1,000 to 1,200 words and written on issues pertaining to the use of library services for the African American and other minority group students. However, the award is closed for the year 2007.

The scholarships test the candidateâ?™s potential on various levels, the most important of which is the ability to think critically. Beyond this, these scholarships are a promising reward at the end of the rainbow for many students who struggle to balance work and study for financial reasons. The financial profitability of these scholarships helps students tide over financial worries and concentrate on their studies.

The essays scholarships is thus a good way to ease financial worries, let your analytical abilities take over, and your creative juices flow towards that pot of money at the end of the road. http://www.masterpapers.com/blog/2007/11/page/2/

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