Essay Samples for the Novice

Essay Samples for the Novice
Essay Samples for the Novice
Essay writers are often confused about expectations from their essays, and essay samples often tell you how an essay is graded. Essays are graded according to different criteria, most of which are used on the essay rubrics used by teachers and evaluators. There are many factors that get you your essay grades.

Essay samples are easy to find on the Internet, but students benefit from those that provides reviews of the sample essays given. For example, the University of Texasâ?™s UT Learning Center has a sample test essay that is reviewed for the reader with side notes and a full length critique. Sites which have such notes help you understand what is wrong or right with the essay and how you could avoid such errors in writing when you sit to write your class assignment, admission essay, competition essay.

The Regentsâ?™ testing Program of the University System of Georgia is a classic method of grading the test essay. This test evaluates the studentsâ?™ reading and writing skills to ensure that students possess or maintain a minimum standard in these areas. Refer to sites that present samples of essays fit for this test. The essays could be short and very focused in the essay prompts. Sample these Regentsâ?™ test topics:
Discuss why people are fascinated by amusement parks such as Disney World and Six Flags
Some states now permit single men and women to adopt children. Do you favor such a policy? Explain why or why not.
Choose a profession whose members make a worthwhile contribution to society and discuss the benefits that society receives from members of this profession

Non-native speakers of English often have to take tests to prove their efficiency with the language. The IELTS test essays could be a grueling time for many such students who may not really have a clear idea of what the test entails. Several students take recourse to blog sites where such topics are discussed on a personal basis, helping in student interaction. For example, carries a long list of sample IELTS essays with inputs from an IELTS teacher. The notes help you understand idiomatic usage issues and other content issues that you would need to consider for success with these tests. They also have some tips in how to write essay.

Law students trying to clear their bar examinations also have to write essays in answer to questions assigned to them. These answers need a different approach than that required by the general essays. Law has its own specific language, content, terminology, technique of writing, and tone that first time essay writers for these exams may not be able to master. In this context, sites such provide sample essays along with grades, annotated answers, and remarks.

None of the essay samples on the Internet can actually teach you the actual process of essay writing. These online essays are good for you to use as benchmarks and guidelines that help you emulate the good and avoid the bad practicesâ?”irrespective of whether you are a Regentsâ?™ Test take, a bar examination candidate, or a non-native speaker.

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