What is the Importance of the Essay Paper

What is the Importance of the Essay Paper
What is the Importance of the Essay Paper
All schools and colleges require their students to write essays on different subjects. The essay paper is an important tool for evaluation of studentsâ?™ writing and reading skills, presentation, analytical and critical thinking skills and the ability to write within a prescribed time and word limit. This takes some practice and grounding in essay writing rules, and awareness of what evaluators look for in these papers.

The lowers grades in school expect basic essay writing skills where the students have to describe things around them such as their pets, school, or parents. This is simple and provides a starting point for the child to think of things that surround it. It teaches them to notice various elements and think of them in such a way that it helps them describe those elements for the class. This is the groundwork before students move on to more complex things. Their essays at this stage help teachers evaluate their ability to notice objects and people and write the most important details about them.

In the higher grades and in high school and college, the essay progressively becomes complex. At these levels, the student is expected to observe more minute aspects of the world around them, be aware of historical and political events and happenings, of themselves and their thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and desires. The essays at this stage test their awareness, knowledge, writing and reading skills, and their general awareness of the world around them. The essay therefore, becomes a tool to gauge the studentâ?™s level of knowledge and skills, and affects their grades and academic performance.

At the college entrance test level, the essay becomes the arbiter of all things: whether the evaluators give a second thought to the student because of his/her essay writing skills and the representative thought process, whether the credentials match up to the essay submitted, and whether the student gets the desired admission. This is a nerve wracking process for most candidates, and this is where the early essay writing skills and the numerous essay submissions begin to play a significant role.

The admission essay is a different ball game altogether. Here, you have no second chance at rewriting that precious essay once you have submitted it. This means that the first paper you submit should be clear, precise, focused, well structured and presented, and coherent. Getting all of these into the paper is a time consuming process and especially so because most of these papers require the student to introspect, evaluate the self, remember events and happenings in the past and their relation to his/her present life and aspirations, and such things that one often overlooks in the daily act of living.

The essay paper can be a challenge to even the most consummate writers. However, in a studentâ?™s academic life, the essay affects too many things to ignore it: grades, achievements, reputation, admissions, and abilities. It is a reflection of the studentâ?™s thinking skills, and how s/he projects ideas and impressions through a few sheets of the written word. Because of the different complexity some students often require an essay writing help, provided by freelance writing services. http://www.masterpapers.com/blog/2007/11/page/2/

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