Essay on Manâ?”the Basic Approach

Essay on Manâ?”the Basic Approach
Essay on Manâ?”the Basic Approach
The essay on man can be written in various ways. It is one of the most common topics at the school level in junior grades. This is when children are beginning to write their first essays, and the easiest topics are those that they can observe around them�pets, parents, families, man, and woman. The �man� essay is one of the easiest to write at this stage. More complicated essays on the subject could be asked at the college level where the philosophical and ideological angles begin to gain significance. The basic essay on this subject would include the biological and physical characteristics of man.

The essays would be largely descriptive at the school level. This could start with a description of the biological entity called �man.� What is biologically different between a man and a woman? What are the biological marks of a man?
Physical features
Biological characteristics
Different characteristics that differentiate a man from a woman, such as voice, hair
The kind of work a man would do or not do
Strength and physical courage
Manâ?™s traditional image as the bread winner of the family

These are some of the points that the school essay could deal with to write on �man.� However, as you climb the grades to high school and on to college, the approach will need modification and maturity. This is when �man� will no longer be only a two-legged creature with stubble, moustache, and a gruff voice, but will symbolize many more things that were beyond comprehension to you as a school student.

In higher grades or in college, the subject could develop a more inquiring stance. Here are some pointers:
What does the Bible say about �man�
When did the idea of �man� as a concept develop
What were the manifestations of this concept in the early periods
What was the position of man in the universe
When this undergo change
Reference to some writers and thinkers who wrote on the topic
Use of this within the essay to refute or strengthen your own stance
The complexity of gender questions as evident in the use of the word �man�
Man as a rational creature: ideas pertaining to this

Emotional characteristics that seem compulsory for man as apart from woman

These are only concerns that could be used in essay writing on this particular subject. You will pick and choose those that appeal to you and that seem relevant or important to you. But notice how the thought process required is vastly different here than that required for the school essay on the same topic.

Many people have written and still write many a thoughtful essay on man. This has been an ancient preoccupation with philosophers and writers. But the basic school essay does not concern itself with any of these matters. It is a comparatively simplistic and mechanical essay that concerns itself with that which is easily evident to all humans. Now should be much more clear how to write an essay on man.

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