Where can you Find Essay Questions?

Where can you Find Essay Questions?
Where can you Find Essay Questions?
Essay questions are meant to make you think. They help you analyze and understand issues by using some key words that prompt you to think in a particular direction and manner. The Internet is a good place to begin searching for sample questions that help you prepare for them in advance.

Many Internet sites help you prepare for the questions. Specific courses and academic levels would have specific suggestions on this subject. So as you search for help, you would need to be focused and look for exactly that information that pertains to you.

So if you were an MBA aspirant, you could look up pages such as that of the Stanford MBA Program that has questions with accompanying suggestions on how to approach them. Most such sites also provide helpful tips on how to edit the paper before submitting it, the pitfalls to avoid, and the strengths to use.

Those taking their bar examinations need a different set of questions involving case studies and caselets that help them understand the nuances of a case and its legal terminology and context. Sites such as that of the New York State Bar Examination could help with sample questions. The questions are based on case studies. The answers are selected by the Board of Law Examiners and give youâ?™re a clear idea of what would be expected of you when you take the examinations. Law essay questions are more intricate than those of other professional courses, and the student has to pay special attention to every detail. So it helps to search relevant sites before you take the plunge.

Literature students are faced with a barrage of different types of questions from across various texts. There is no limit to the questions that could be possibly asked of the literature student. Sometimes, these questions are specific, pertaining to a definite text, or author, or element of literature. Often, you could also get what is described as the open ended question where you get to choose the text depending on the question asked of you. Look out for sites that provide you literature specific questions that help you explore various facets of this subject, for example, Sandra Effingerâ?™s collection of literature questions for the advanced placement course.

Educational institutes also have their own sites to help you with questions. For example, Tulane Universityâ?™s Educational Resources and Counseling site gives guidelines on how to approach the essay questions in your test paper. Such sites help you pay attention to those subtle and minute matters that you may overlook in the high pressure environment of a test.

Addressing essay questions need not be frightening. With some practice, a general awareness of what to expect given the history of questions set by a particular institution, and a thorough and careful reading of the questions, writing on essay questions could be a dream. What you want to look out for are grammatical glitches and content errors that could mar an essay that you prepared for over the past few weeks. http://www.masterpapers.com/blog/2007/11/page/3/

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