Education Essayâ?”Some Examples

Education Essayâ?”Some Examples
Education Essayâ?”Some Examples
Education covers different factors and issues. The education essay covers them all. This essay type could be descriptive, analytical, interpretive, or even argumentative, and the format would depend on the nature of the assignment.

A. The descriptive topic: You want to describe the subject with all its aspects and influencing factors.

Topic: Describe Maria Montessoriâ?™s education philosophy. This will be only description of facts as you know about them. It does not require interpretation, analysis, or argument.

Introduction: Who was Maria Montessori? What is her significance to education? What was her basic philosophy? The thesis should focus on the points you want to describe about her philosophy.

Body Paragraphs: Each aspect of this philosophy with examples. These paragraphs should highlight the efficacy of her philosophy and what it has meant for the education system over the years. The last body paragraph could focus (optional) on perceived disadvantages or demerits of her philosophy.

Conclusion: Wrap up with a summary of your main ideas. Comment on the timely arrival of this figure on the education scenario and provide other relevant and insightful comments.

B. The analytical topic: This will require you to analyze the given topic, look at its pros and cons, merits and demerits, problems and opportunities. The analysis could be based on cause-effect, merit-demerit, or an examination of various factors involved in creating the situation.

Topic: The achievement gap between male and female students.

Introduction: This section could start with an anecdote related to the subject. You could then move on to highlighting the significance of this issue, refer to a few causes for this, and key in on the thesis statement. The thesis should reflect the analysis.

Body Paragraphs: If you have a cause-effect analysis, each paragraph will explore a cause leading to the condition. Give facts, figures, and examples. Explore also what could be done to counter these causes and create a more at-par situation.

Conclusion: Summarize the main points of the analysis. Comment on the loopholes in the system that has created such a condition. Give additional comments on the importance of setting the problem right.

C. The Argumentative Topic: This requires you to understand an issue and take a stand on it based on facts, information, or experience.

Topic: Is home schooling preferable to formal schooling?

Introduction: This section should focus on both home and formal schooling. What is the difference? Thesis: take a stand on the issue giving adequate and convincing reasons for it.

Body Paragraphs: Each paragraph should focus on one reason, followed by convincing explanation and substantiation. The internal structure of these paragraphs should follow the PREP pattern of argument: Point (P), Reasoning (R), Example (E), and round up the Point for emphasis (P). The last body paragraph should present a strong counter argument to your own, in order for you to refute it. Else, the counterargument could weaken your stand and reasoning.

Conclusion: Wrap up with a summary and reemphasis of your stand.

The education essay is a good way to test your own concerns regarding your academic life and its various issues.

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