Writing a Comparative Essay

Writing a Comparative Essay
Writing a Comparative Essay
Writing a comparative essay is a usual task for the university students. It is interesting to get to know that when asking students to define what a comparative essay is many of them cannot not by any means give definition. They try to explaine and to say something or other but it is not enough for proper understanding of the task. When writing comparative essays student should be aware of the basic notions, techniques and methods. This article highlights the most useful information on effective writing of a comparative essay.
Writing technique

Every other student is stuck when it comes to writing a comparative essay. All too often they mix comparative essay with compare and sontrast essay. In fact, these two essays types are similar. Nevertheless, comparison essay focuses on resemblances and examines similiarities. No differences are taken into consideration. The writer needs to concentrate on the object, item, or notion and to think of every single detail which is similar to the other obeject’s, item’s, or notion’s detail. Sometimes it takes a lot to deeply investigate the objects and to find out which similiarities are really important.
Language peculiarities

Due to the fact that writing comparative essays requires special techniques and leads to specific conclusions it also needs some words and phrases which would introduce the argumenst and help to compare properly. Useful words: “on the one hand… on the other hand”, “similarly”, “in the same way”, “for example, for instance”, ” one more similarity”. The list is not limited only to these words. Many other examples are welcomed.
Thesis statement

Thesis statement of the comparison essay is easy to produce. It should contain information of the subjects to be compared and the way of comparison. Also thesis statement has to show why the author decides to compare these particular two subjects. Because of any reason or other many students fail to include interesting information in the thesis statement. Essay should hold interesting information and should be appealing to the reader.

Comparative essay should be written in classic structure. Any original introductions or conclusions are neither here no there. If you are not much of a writer and if you don’t feel up to comming up with any bright and original ideas, you should not waste your time on inventing something new. Stick to three element essay structure: introduction, body, and conclusion.

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