Writing a Descriptive Essay

Writing a Descriptive Essay
Writing a Descriptive Essay
Writing a descriptive essay has nothing in common with simple description of any event or subject. It is a description of the subject based on rigourous observation and deep aalysis. Sounds a little bit too serious, but it is true. In order to succeed in writing descriptive essays student has to be attentive and include some special elements which make every type of essay a masterpiece. Descritptive essay is an academic writing in which the author attempts to share experience in detail by revealing sencory, emotional and intellectual experiences. In other words the writer has to make the reader live the event and to suffer, be happy or sad in the same way the author is.
Key element of the descriptive essay

bright (in most cases action) verbs
multiple nouns
attributive and predicative adjectives
interrogative and sentence adverbs
figurative language
How to find what to describe

When writing a descriptive essay author is free to choose the style and the type of language he/she would like to use. However, it is better sto stick to the style all the time. In order to come up with vivid, interesting and compelling description the writer needs to delve into the subject. Rigorous investigation and deep insight are extremely important. Any situation and each subject require special attention. If you need to write about a pan, think of the shape, colors, functions, history of development, creator, place in the culture, your personal attitude, importance, etc. There are many aspects of the pay that could be taken into consideration. However, do not forget that your task is to describe.

Writing descriptive essays demand sticking to the writing requirements. The main features which bring the authors A+ is informativeness, interest, and appeal to the readers. In introduction the reader should represent main idea and prepare the reader to the main subject. In other words, the writer has to intrigue and to give short explanation of what the essay is about. The body paragraphs should describe. It is time to show the event or subject from all possible angles. The author should organize writing and to make it coherent. Description itself should be interesting, informative and really hold appeal for the reader. One more condition is to make description realistic. Conclusion of the descriptive essay sums up the story, reminds one more time the main aspects of the essay.

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