Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay
Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay
Writing a 5 paragraph essay is a basic task for the beginner writers. Professional writers do not use structure of a 5 paragraph essay. However, it turns out to be a perfect studying form of writing. It is not an easy task to become a professional essay writer. There are to many complications connected with the great variety of writing aspects. Writing 5 paragraph essays helps not only to organize ideas, to analyze facts and to find interesting supporting ideas but also to memorize essay structure and to learn how write coherently and logically.
Classic structure of a 5 paragraph essay is the following:

2.Three body paragraphs

In order to complete this task successfully let’s consider each part of the writing separately.

Introduction is a representation of the main idea. It is part of the essay which usually consists of one paragraph and contains thesis statement. Skilful writer should use catching techniques in order to attract attention of the reader and to make it interesting to the people to read the piece of writing. A funny sentence, a rhetoric question, an exclamation, a joke are few of the elements which are used by the writers to “hook” the reader.

Thesis statement should be expressed in one or two sentences. Remember that it is key element of the essay. Think carefully of what you would like to write about. Think of the topic of the essay. Take any problem and think of how it is possible to solve it. State the problem and its solution in the thesis statement.
Body paragraphs

This is also important piece of writing as explains and supports thesis statement. Each paragraph should include supporting argument. It is better to place the strongest arguments into the first and the last body paragraphs. It sounds convincing is the arguments are proved by examples and facts from authoritative sources. That is why, student should conduct a research and make conclusions based on the results of the research. Each paragraph should be connected.

Conclusion is a final attempt to get the reader concerned about the issue of the essay. It is summing up of the information stated above. Your final words which should not sound like “Good Buy” but rather like “I’ll See You Soon”. Your task is to leave great impression and with the help of skillfully prepared sentences you have such a chance. Some experts say that conclusion is a restated introduction. I agree but only to some extend. While it is really important to mention the main idea one more time, the writer should write as if he/she will tell one more story but the next time.

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