Argumentative Research Essay

Argumentative Research Essay
Argumentative Research Essay
Process of argumentative research essay writing is rather responsible and requires logical and clear outlying of the issue. Argumentative research essay is a usual task during studying of many courses. This type of writing helps to organize ideas, teaches students to think rationally and to express ideas logically. Usually writing process is demanding, requires careful preparation and deep investigation of the issue. Very often simple tips help students to handle this task successfully. If you have no inspiration and cannot come up with fresh, interesting ideas, follow simple pieces of advice highlighted in this article and you will definitely write the best argumentative research essay
Step 1

You should decide on the thesis statement. One or two sentences which clearly expressed main idea is a must. Don’t forget about the main task os the essay. Argumentative research essays writings require auther to convincee the reader giving persuasive arguments. That is why, very important is to state your position correctly. Usually current news can help you to choose the thesis statement. Read newspapers and find out what people are interested in. Take your side and defend it.
Step 2

The next step is to prepare arguments. It is like in 3 paragraph essay you have to introduce in the first paragraph and to support main idea in the central part of writing. However, you should stick to the research essay format your teacher requires when completing the task. Depending on the size of writing, choose strong supporting arguments. In order to reach desired effect it is better to start each body paragraph with supporting data. Each claim should be proved. Unverified information from unrelying sources is not tolerated.
Step 3

Necessity to prove arguments demands conducting of in-depth research of the topic. You should delve into statistics, theoretical opinion concerning the issue, case studies, etc. Don’t forget about illustrative and useful examples. Also when writing you should mention sources from which you take the data. It is better to take information from authoritative books and other types of sources. Internet, random web sites or general on the topic do not fit the requirements of research. What is more, you should pay attention to the year when the book was published. Give preference to the un-to-date editions and peer-reveiwed books.
Step 4

When writing your essay, think of the stile and your main position. It is better to take respectful to other points of view tone which is also confident in the thesis statement of the essay and can easily give arguments for supporting of the main idea. Be careful and avoid sounding arrogant. What is more, it is effective to use logical and emotional appeal. Make the reader your friend and colleague.

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