3 Paragraph Essay

3 Paragraph Essay
3 Paragraph Essay
3 paragraph essay is a traditional teaching format which is used as a good material for introducing essay writing. With the help of this type of essay student can see the research essay format, structure and easily understand how are connected parts of the writing . Usually 3 paragraph essays are never used for profesional writing. What is more, when studying at the university you will never get the task to express your idea in three paragraphs. However, it is extremely essential part of learning as it teaches how to arrange ideas, explains functioning of each part and helps to summarize knopwledge about writing. Later student won’t face any problems because he/she will complete any writing task on the example of 3 paragraph essay.
1. Understand the structure

Introduction is a part of an essay which contains thesis statement. It does not mean that introduction consists of one sentence. To the contrary, writer has to catch attention of the reader, to make him/her interested and to lead the reader to the thesis statement. Each sentence should be connected.

The body of the essay contains arguments and supporting facts. The thesis statement needs to be proved. There is no point in essay writing since you cannot support your idea. Be convinving and think of strong supporting ideas.

The last paragraph is conclusion.This is also very important part of writing. It is chance of a writer to rimind the reader one more time the core idea of the essay. Conclusions should leave good impression and make reader think of the issue highlighted in the essay long after he/she reads it.
2. Topic and thesis statement

Very often student cannot come up with fresh and interesting idea. Success of writing depends on how skillfully you choose the topic and decide on thesis statement. If you would like to write about trees, you should find an interesting aspect to write about. For example, you may write about rain forest problem, benefits of trees or curing qualities of some of the trees. It is better to write about burning issues of the modern world. The reader should be interested. It is possible to do only if a person feels like the author and has the same attitude to the idea.
3. Gathering ideas

Writing process seems to be very complicated till you put down the structure of the writing. Take a piece of paper and put down everything you think about the topic. Add professional point of view for better support. Compare it with your position. It will help you to Come up with interesting and appealing ideas.

University study requires completing of many writing tasks. 3 paragraph essays is nothing in comparison to tragic hero essay or terrorism essay. However, this is a classic example of writing. In other words it is a small representation of complex and big piece of writing. If you face any difficulties when writing any type of essay, you can contact our service and we will help you to complete any writing task. http://essayblog.org/category/essay/page/2

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