Academic Goals Essay

Academic Goals Essay
Academic Goals Essay
Writing academic goals essay is a responsible task. College and scholarship committee are expecting explanations from you why would you like to study at the university and what you are interested in. It is not enough just to say “Because I like it”. They wait for passionate motivation, logical reasoning and careful explanation. Purpose of academic goals essays is to reveal your studying preferences, explanation of your choice and future prospects connected with the field of study. You should impress and fascinate them. Even if you are not sure about what to study, choose the field of interest and convince them that you are going to be the best student and that you will use your knowledge with purpose in the future.

When writing academic goal essay you should think of why would you like to study at the university. Brainstorm the ideas and think carefully what your future plans or dreams, in case you have no plans, are. Put them down. There might be few reasons. Now your task is to summarize them in one excellent sentence. It is your thesis statement or strong point. You need to deliver the message to the people. Support the main idea with strong motivation. Choose few most impressive arguments. Think of the advantages of profession you are going to learn. Describe them and tell why they are important for you.

Answer these questions and you will gather information for your essay:
1. What major in college your would like to choose?
2. What your expectations from learning are?
3. Is there anything special you would like to pay your attention to?
4. Which subjects in high school helped you to get the basis of the profession?
Writing the main point

Remember about condensation of your goals in one vivid sentence. Make a bang with the main point of your essay. This should be a hook which would catch attention of the readers. It is possible to use one or two sentences which would lead to the key idea.

Example: From early childhood I have been interested in stars. However, there was no opportunity to study stars at school. That is why, I hope that college will give me chance to delve into astronomy and to contribute to development of the science.
Body of the essay

Prove your statement. Give bright arguments and explain them. Examples help to make the plot alive and memorable. Don’t give sheer facts. Use diverse and electric language. Details are also very helpful as they build the story and make it dynamic.

Ending is your chance to leave trace in the consciousness of the committee members. Make one more bang! Intrigue the reader and trigger the desire to communicate with you in private. Thus you see that conclusion is not just restatement of the opening. It is not a “good buy” but “looking forward to seeing you”.

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