Academic Essay Writing

Academic Essay Writing
Academic Essay Writing
There is no perfect formula according to which you can write an essay. Academic essay writing is a complex and grueling process which is driven by inspiration and extensive investigation. To write a good essay you need to think of applicability of the writing you create. The main aim of each essay is to add to understanding of how things are arranged in the world. It is a continuous interpretation of the existing material and analyzing (writing an analytical essay), persuasion or investigation (media essay, technology essay) of the matter. Process of writing is a relentless attempt to examine the world and to reveal how an object we need functions and how it influences the social world. The theme should be revealed with regard to three main issues: how society functions theoretically, with regard to empirical research and criticizing of the both types. Academic essay writings should contain results of the issue exploration from different points of view. That is why, personal experience of each student has great impact on writing style, ability to analyze facts and make logical, reasonable conclusions.

When you approach an academic essay writing as a logical conclusion based on analysis and investigation of the ideas, theories, methodologies, concepts, issues. Extensive investigation of a theme is very important. What is more, a student needs background knowledge based on material studied during the course. Keep in mind that everything is relevant. Perception of the world is extremely biased. You may take into consideration many different ideas concerning the perception of the world. Your task is to analyze them and to prove that one has pros and cons because of this; and that the other has the same pros and cons because of that. Be critical and prove your point of view.

Before you start writing your academic essay writings think of such points as:
- What the key issues of the essay are?

Outline the main aspects you would like to write about and stick to your plan.
- Have you properly understood the task?

If the task is to explain, you need to present details on why a certain point of view should be defended. In case the lecturer asks you to evaluate, you should point out weak and strong aspects and assess validity of the existing explanation of how the social world functions.
- What is your position concerning the issue you write about?

If you decide to have your own opinion, you should prove your mind with convincing arguments and have strong theoretical base.

Only now you can start writing your essay. Do not forget about main structure which consists of introduction, main body and conclusion. If you feel stuck and do not know how to start, try to paraphrase the words in the title. This helps to get impulse and to start writing. By the way, it makes a great opening.

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