English essay writing

English essay writing
English essay writing
Some basic points about English essays writing to guide students

The word essay has been defined by the English dictionary as a composition in English describing a specific topic. It is usually a part of a student’s curriculum in school or college. A good essay fetches good grades.
Let’s discuss here a few basic points for English essay writing.

Choice of topic
Choosing the correct topic is imperative. An interesting topic makes good reading. Hence spend some time on choosing a topic of general interest. Also remember that the topic should be of interest to you also. There are many internet resources which strive to help with such issues. A chat with your teacher or professor and peers also helps.

Essay format
There are a few basic formats in essay writing which have to be adhered to. It’s called the five paragraph format. The first paragraph is the introduction, the next three cover the main text of the essay and finally it’s the conclusion. There is also a segment for references and citations. As far as possible such format has to be followed.

The language
Proper structuring of sentence and use of good grammar is essential. An essay with good matter but improper sentences doesn’t draw any good remarks and grades. The subject of the essay and its writing deserve equal importance in English essay writing.


Whatever the topic it is always good to conduct a thorough research and then write the essay. This way you are sure that you have given it your best. Also your writing has that much more authenticity. The net is full of sites which give loads of information. Thorough research does take time but it also gives you a lot of material to write.

Accurate writing
Once you have collected matter the next step is the actual writing. English essay writing should be logical, focused, clear and informative. It should catch the interest of the reader. Writing for the sake of filling up space is not advisable. Every bit of matter should be verified for authenticity before actually putting it down on paper.

Editing and proof-reading
It’s important to check your essay for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Editing and proofreading form an important part of essay writing. A poorly structured sentence puts off the reader as well as is surely going to lower your grades. A well written essay is like a well wrapped package. Appropriate finishing is a vital part of every good essay.

Types of essays
There are many types of essays like descriptive, argumentative, comparative, process, persuasive, book reviews, movie reviews, admission essays and many more. You have to make your choice or probably it’s already decided by your advisor. Each one has a unique style attached to it but the ground rules of English essay writing hold good here too. http://essayblog.org/category/essay/page/5

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