Informal essay

Informal essay
Informal essay
Sometimes, teachers will simply request the students to write an essay where they can be what they want to be. Sounds familiar? Well this is a kind of essay that does not give any restrictions to the writer. It is an informal essay. Students really love writing this essay because they can write just about anything. Moreover, they have the freedom to include any thoughts, formatting styles and techniques in writing that they want. In this case, we will discuss how you can write an informal essay.

Writing an informal essay will simply follow the same steps in writing a formal essay. In terms of parts, you only need at least three basic paragraphs. The first one is the introduction, it is the background of the topic that will give your readers the concept that you must understand. Second, the body paragraphs will contain the main discussions of the topic. It can be in a single paragraph or in multiple paragraphs. Lastly, the conclusion will wrap up the discussion for the entire essay topic.

What are the basic features of an informal essay? Students can have a happy time writing an informal essay because of the following features:
The writing process is in informal style, making the writing process very easy to handle.
The essay is not too strict with the number of words, therefore you can write a short essay
The informal essay can use colloquial terms and words that are otherwise considered by others to be informal.
One can apply short sentences in an informal essay.
Vocabulary in informal essay is not too rigid and deep. Simple to understand terms are always welcome.
The language that informal essays use can be very emotional that will reflect the writer’s thoughts.
The essay can also tolerate generalizations of facts and even redundancy of ideas.
The writer can also include personal opinion and life examples related to the topic of interest.

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