Essay Graphic Organizer

Essay Graphic Organizer
Essay Graphic Organizer
A graphic organizer is a material that will help you organize your thoughts to build something. It comes from two special terms, which are graphic, visually conceivable information and organizer, which means a tool to organize things and create a plan for action. A graphic organizer is applicable in writing a good essay. Therefore, there is what we call an essay graphic organizer. This tool will be able to help you write a quality essay using an organizer that you can visually recognize.

What is the main purpose of having an essay graphic organizer? The goal of having this tool for writing an essay is to let the students have a dependable plan of writing. Your teacher might have taught you how to write an essay outline to construct an essay. To tell you, an essay outline is simply one of the many types of graphic organizers. There are still so many ways to use a pattern for writing that will surely give you more options to build an article. The main advantage of a graphic organizer is that it relies mainly on visual outputs. It gives you the flexibility to see how to form the contents of the essay. This is in direct contrast to an essay outline that is usually too rigid. A graphic organizer can take many shapes, forms and structures.

Here are some example essay graphic organizers that you can use.

Venn diagrams. This graphic organizer is in the form of circles. You can have a Venn diagram where each circle will represent the main scopes of topic that you want to discuss in an essay. Sometimes, you can overlap the circles where there are overlapping ideas in your topic.

Tree Organizer. This one organizer is suitable for essay topics that branch out from one topic to another. There will be a single diagram, for example a circle, where you will put the main topic. Then you can put branches that will talk about other sub topics. You can then have more branches down the line depending on the number of sub topics that you wish to tackle.

5Ws diagram. This essay graphic organizer can be in list form. The main purpose of the tool is to derive the answers for the five basic questions of topic discussion; these are what, where, why, who and when. You can write a balanced essay about a topic if you will be able to answer all of these questions. A 5W table can help because you can structure your answers in a way that it will produce a coherent essay.

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