Essay Format

Essay Format
The format of an essay is the structure an essay takes. Essay formats vary depending on the essay topic and objective, but it is standard for essay format to include an introduction with a thesis, a body defending the thesis, and a conclusion that suggests the implications of what has been discovered through the course of the essay. Essay formats are not fixed or prescriptive; they should be thought of as flexible models that can be changed according to the needs of the essay writer.
An essay format will always consist of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. However, each of those sections can take many different forms. For instance, in short essays, it is common for the introduction to be only one paragraph. In essays that are five or more pages, it is common for the introduction to be several paragraphs. In these types of essay formats, it is common for the first few paragraphs to contextualize the essay topic by presenting a true or hypothetical situation that personalizes the essay topic or by providing other means of background information.
The body of an essay is the main section of an essay, and the most variable aspect of essay format. The body will defend the thesis presented in the introduction in various ways. For instance, it is common in shorter essays for each point that defends the thesis to be presented in one single paragraph. In longer essays, these points will sometimes take multiple paragraphs or even pages to develop. Sometimes, the body of the essay will be organized by fully discussing one topic before moving on to another topic, and sometimes topics will be discussed alongside each other in the same paragraphs. Either way, it is common for all essay formats to have the main body progress in an order that places the best or most convincing points last in the body of the essay in order to build the argument in a climactic way.
The conclusion of an essay can be of varying lengths, but in all essay formats, the conclusion will be significantly shorter than both the introduction and the main body sections. The conclusion should point to ways in which the main body of the essay elucidates the topic. Similar to the main body of the essay, the conclusion of the essay should build in significance so that the best or most convincing points are made at the end of the conclusion.
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