An Essay on Man

An Essay on Man
An Essay on Man
Some teachers will require the class to write an essay on man. Technically speaking, such an essay is something that will talk about man as a creature and as an organism on this planet. For sure, there are now ideas in your mind that you want to write about. But let us first see how you can deal with an essay on man.

First of all you need to have a sense of direction in writing. It means there should be a single concept on how you will tackle a topic for essay. For example, you can consider writing an opinion essay, classification essay or an argumentative essay based on your chosen topic. Or you can write a research paper essay that will discover new things about the existence of man. In any case, having a purpose in writing is the first step to a successful paper.

So what things can we talk about in an essay on man? Here are just some of our suggestion for you:

Discussing man as a central organism on this plant.

How man survived and become the most intelligent creature on earth.

The dark side of man, relating animal instincts to modern day social behavior.

How man can become the main reason to the destruction of the planet.

The different characteristics of men and how they interact with each other.

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