Developing a Character Essay

Developing a Character Essay
Developing a Character Essay
What do we do in a character essay? There are certain aspects in writing an essay that will depend on a particular goal of the writer. In a narrative essay you are going to tell a story. In a persuasive essay you must influence your readers. In a classification essay you have to group things. But in a character essay, you have to analyze the characters from another medium or article. This kind of a task will give you more chances to become creative and increase your analytical skills.

Before you can write a good character essay, it is important that you have read at east one reference document. Usually, teachers will require you to read a novel or a short story. This article will have embedded characters in it which will be analyzed by the students. You have to absorb the main story line in the book so that you can clearly picture the kind of characters the story has.

When you write a character essay, you can choose only one or all of the characters. No matter what the instructions of your teacher will be, the main concern is for you to develop your analysis towards the characters. In doing this, you can try any of the following:
Describe the main attitude of the character
Relate the character to other persons in the story or article
Discuss the strong and weak points of the character
Relate the character to our present society and how he or she will fit
Talk about the character/s importance to the story

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