Different Types of Formatting

Different Types of Formatting
Different Types of Formatting
In composing an essay or a research paper, there are some ways for you to write them based on citation styles. Different types of formatting are usually all about the citation schemes that are used for writing. You can consider the three major types like the APA, MLA and Harvard.

What is a citation process? This is the means for the writer to acknowledge the resources he had used for the paper. These resource materials are important because they can signify the credibility of your work. If you will use highly credible papers, then most probably you will also gain that same credibility and reputation. So what are the differences between these citation styles?

When you cite your resources, the most important aspect of the process is in-text citation. For the APA format, the process is simple. You can quote the part of your source materials and then put the Author’s last name together with the year of publication at the end. You enclose these details in parentheses. This is the correct essay format for the APA in text citation.

On the other hand, the MLA format paper will have the same procedure only that the last details will be modified. Instead of putting the year of publication, you will put the page number of your reference. Enclose the same in parentheses.

You can write custom research papers based also on Harvard. But take note that most of the users of this format come from British schools. In any case, you will simply follow the same procedures as with the APA format.

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