Narrative Essay Topic Prompt

Narrative Essay Topic Prompt
Narrative Essay Topic Prompt
Writing a narrative essay can be one of the simplest tasks for most students. This is because you only have to write a story in an article. But sometimes, a teacher will have to provide you the narrative essay topic prompt so as to have a uniform set of evaluation for the class. In this article, let us talk about the possible prompts that your teacher may give you for a narrative essay.

A discussion essay needs a certain topic platform. In this case a narrative essay can be written by answering or responding to a specific question or request respectively. You may also write an informative essay in a form of story telling. Let us list down some ideas for you to be prepared with the teacher’s prompts.
What is the worst life experience that you had?
Tell the story of the most recent movie you’ve watched.
What happened to France during World War II?
Explain in detail why you go to school everyday.
What are your favorite desserts?
Describe your emotions when you learned that the World Trade Center was attacked.
Write a fictional story about why people have different religions.
Discuss how you understand life in general.
What recent stories have you heard?
Talk about the differences of your subjects at school.

These narrative essay topic prompts can all be useful to prepare you in writing a narrative article. They are also good for other types of essay formats. You can take a look at our examples in the Archives.

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