Types of essay formats

Types of essay formats
Types of essay formats
If you are referring to an essay format that relates to citation style, you are somewhat correct. But sometimes, people interpret terms in different ways and another use of essay formats is the goal of writing. There are types of essay formats that relate mainly on the purpose or the goal of writing. Today, we will talk about the different essays that you can write about depending on the writer’s agenda. We will list down a few samples of these types.
Narrative essay – the goal of this article is to tell a story. You can write about topics based on your experience, observation or facts. In some cases, you can even write stories that come from imagination.
Process essay – an essay that involves the explanation of how to do something or how a subject came into being.
Argumentative essay – argues about a certain claim and defends it with proofs and evidences.
Persuasive essay – an article that intends to change the opinion of the readers through presenting an assertion.
Classification essay – groups things according to a singular property.
Cause and effect essay – identifies logical connections for events.
Expository essay – it is also called an informative essay which mainl present information based on researches.
Descriptive essay – a type of essay format that describes an object, place, event or person.
Personal essay – technically you can write about anything in this type of an essay. http://essayblog.org/category/essay/page/28

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