Extended essay tips

Extended essay tips
Extended essay tips
The main agenda of writing an extended essay is to make it a part of the IB diploma requirement. This kind of an essay does not have much of a difference from a regular essay that you already know to write. However, the length of this article may overwhelm you as the average required words to write it is about 4000 words in total. With this amount of words, one may already assume that you also need to conduct an independent research procedure to come up with informative and well written essay.

So what are the extended essay tips that you can give me?
First of all you must have interesting research topics. The topics must be selected according to their significance, relevance, feasibility, your personal interest and the overall impact of the contents to the readers.
The essay should reflect the basic parts of a regular essay. This set should include the research paper introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion.
In some cases, an extended essay may also have the properties of the thesis paper so it is possible to include the methodology and the data analysis parts.
Understanding the basic essay format is also a key to a successfully written extended essay. The format can involve the technical specifications needed or the citation style required such as APA or MLA.
Like with any good articles, an extended essay should be free of spelling and grammar errors so make sure you proofread it before submitting. http://essayblog.org/category/essay/page/28

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