Types of Essays According to Purpose of Writing

Types of Essays According to Purpose of Writing
Types of Essays According to Purpose of Writing
We are always looking for alternative solutions to our problems especially when it comes to composing an essay. Apparently, not so many students appreciate the same old boring essay format that most teachers require. But for a more exciting way of writing an article, you can consider the different types of essays that you can utilize for writing. Let me give you some ideas on what types of essays are available for you to base your writing project on.

We will list down the types of essays based on the purpose of writing. There are many directions that you can trek when you are about to compose an article. This way, you can choose from the most popular ones and think of a topic for the selected format.
Narrative essay – this is the kind of essay that depends on the writer’s ability to tell stories. Your topic genre may be based on experience, an explanation of things, an informative one or simply a fictional narrative.
Compare and contrast essay – you are going to compare and differentiate at least two objects for the discussion. Actually, you can partition the essay into two segments where the first one talks about the similarities of objects and the second one discusses their differences.
Classification essay. – in this type, you are going to create a certain general theme wherein you can fit different objects. Then you will classify them according to certain factors and characteristics.
Analytical essay – this essay involves your personal analysis of another article. Make sure to first present what the topic is all about and then discuss the things within the essay that readily appeals to you. You may agree or not to the concepts in the essay at hand.
Cause and effect essay – this type discusses the logical relationships of events in a certain topic genre. You must have reasoning powers in order to talk about the different transitions of ideas in a logical way. http://essayblog.org/category/essay/page/29

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