Understanding a Critical Essay

Understanding a Critical Essay
Understanding a Critical Essay
Are you starting on your critical essay writing? Let me give you some important details that you should know before you even start constructing a thesis statement for your paper. A critical essay is another type of an article that intends to summarize your feelings, your thoughts, your opinions and analysis of another document. The main goal of critically analyzing another work is to see how much you understand the contents of the paper and that what you can see beneath the true meanings of the discussions in the same article.

Writing a critical essay may have two points of interest. You can criticize another reading material by accepting the arguments or contents in the paper or you can also contradict it. Usually, people denote the term “critical” as something that relates to attacking the arguments or opinions of another person. In a critical essay this should not always be the case. In fact, there are critical essays that actually favor the ideas of the referenced articles. Writing a critical essay is therefore an aspect of think gin that lets you decide which side you of the facts and figures you are accepting or rejecting.

When writing the introduction, simply provide the reader with your position about the argument of the reference materials. This can be considered your main thesis statement. Then you may introduce what the topic is all about and proceed writing the discussions in the Body paragraphs. What should I include or consider in the discussions?
Provide the summary of the article you are criticizing. Provide some details about the contents and the author’s arguments. This should also serve as your research paper introduction.
You can start presenting your feelings and opinions about the author’s discussions. It does not really matter whether you introduce a personal opinion or a fact as long as you can provide evidences to prove them to be true.
Explore the real arguments of the author’s discussions. Involve relating the topic to other fields.
Focus mainly on the thesis statement. Do not overwhelm you readers with too much information. Concentrate on the real and specific issues of the paper.
Always make your tone formal and serious when criticizing or analyzing another work especially if it is a college essay. http://essayblog.org/category/essay/page/31

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