Various Types of Essay Formats

Various Types of Essay Formats
Various Types of Essay Formats
We can write an essay in different styles and purpose. If you want t know some basic types of essay formats, we will give you a short list of the popular ones requested by teachers. This way, you can prepare for the essay types that you wish to develop and make your life much easier.

Narrative essay-this type of an essay largely depends on the ability of the writer to tell a story. Narrating a storyline is the most important aspect of this article type. This type of essay can be based on a factual story, fiction or observation.

Argumentative essay-arguing for a claim is the factor that separates this essay from any other types of essay formats. You need to have a thesis statement that claims a notion to be true or valid. When writing this essay, you need to present proofs or evidences to support your arguments.

Personal essay-this is the type of article that you can write at freewill. You can select any topics and genres of writing. Personal essay topics are non-restricting so it is also called a leisure essay.

Cause and effect essay-another type of essay format concerns with the reasoning ability of the writer. You are going to write an essay that involves logical pattern of discussing things basing an effect from a cause. You need to be very good in realizing the connections of events.

Informative essay-one more type of an essay provides information to the readers without any biases or integration of personal opinions. For example, you can write a business essay format that involves presenting the facts behind establishing or managing of businesses.

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