Types of Essays

Types of Essays
Types of Essays
We have told you before that you can actually order for a custom research paper online. Now, we will talk about the different types of essays that you can order from us. This will help you better understand how online companies like us can help you in constructing different essays required by your teacher. So what are the different essays that can be ordered online?

The types of essays can be classified according to the purposes of the writer. Of course, you already know that a business essay format is totally different from a computer science Java essay. But these are specific topic scopes of essays and they have nothing to do with the purposes of writing. Let us now list down the different types of essays according to purpose or direction of discussion.

Narrative essays – intends to tell a story or a narrative, may be fictional or based on true events.
Descriptive essay – an essay that describes things, people, objects and places; descriptions are base don the five senses.
Argumentative essay – an essay that argues about issues and topic interests with contradicting ideas.
Persuasive essays – an article that persuades readers to believe the notion set by the writer.
Cause and effect essay – a simple essay that involves logical reasoning of events. http://essayblog.org/category/essay/page/32

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