Write an Essay Outline

Write an Essay Outline
Write an Essay Outline
Is it hard to write an essay outline? An essay outline serves as the plan or the backbone in writing any types of essays. Actually, it is like a goal in writing because you will be putting all the necessary parts that you wish to tackle in the article. Usually, an outline is simply written in a form of bullet or numbered form which is truly effective. Now, if this is your first time to write an outline, then we will give you the basic formats.

To write an essay outline in a general perspective is really very simple. Did you know that there are only three parts in the general outline? There are the Introduction, Body and the Conclusion. Well, it is like the general format in writing a simple essay so it is easier to remember. The introduction serves as the introductory paragraph together with the thesis statement. The Body is the overall discussion parameter while the Conclusion is the summary of the entire essay. Yu may also provide the results for the thesis statement in this section.

Now, an essay outline may be in the format of specific topic divisions. It is also easy, simply partition the topics and sub topics that you wish to include in your essay and you are done. Take a look at the sample outline below:

I. Title

II. Introduction

A. thesis statement

III. Body

A. Sub topic 1

B. Sub topic 2

C. Sub topic 3

IV. Conclusion

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