Research Paper Outline for Different Essay Types

Research Paper Outline for Different Essay Types
Research Paper Outline for Different Essay Types
How to Write an Outline for a Research Paper

While writing research paper outlines, students are often confused as to what type of essay format they should follow and look for essay help from custom essay writing websites. The essay writing style that you choose will largely depend on the nature of the research that you are undertaking. It is best to create an outline for your essay based on how you propose to present the subject.

Cause and effect essay: As the name suggests, this essay is useful when you are analyzing a problem that has a cause and an effect. A cause and effect essay would typically outline why a certain phenomenon happens and what the results are. In certain cases, it could focus on either causes or effects. For example – causes of obesity, effects of the stock market crash, etc.
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Expository essay: An expository essay is ideal when the essay is based on analysis of the viewpoint of another individual and statement of facts. It follows a tone that is similar to reporting. An example would be an essay on how television affects our lives.

Critical essay: Often confused with the expositor type of essay, the critical essay differs in the sense that it is more than just a statement of facts. It involves analysis of the facts and presentation of personal viewpoints. It resembles a style similar to a review or a critique. A good example of a critical essay would be a book review.
Outline for APA Style Research Papers

Definition essay: Just as the name indicates, this type of essay is used to define the meaning of a particular term. The definition essay ideally goes beyond just stating the meaning and relies on bringing forth examples to explain a term better. For example, an essay explaining, “What is solar energy?”

Comparison essay: The comparison essay is best suited when there is a need to highlight the similarities and differences between two things. It could be used to compare objects, theories or even viewpoints. An example could be an essay highlighting the similarities or differences between the First and Second World Wars.

Research essay: A research essay is usually used to present an original idea. It involves identifying a unique thesis, designing a suitable research, conducting the survey or experiment, analyzing, and presenting the results. An example could be a study on how eBooks are becoming popular.

Classification essay: In a classification essay, the data is usually classified or divided into categories in a logical manner. Often, examples of each category are given to help understand each category better. For example – a study on the various genres of music.

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