British Essay

British Essay
British Essay
First of all, let’s find out what an essay is and where it comes from! Essay as an independent genre in literature appeared in XVI-XVII centuries. It got its name from the Latin word “exagium” that meant “weighing”. This very name shows what an essay was. It was a literary work in which the author “weighed” all pros and cons concerning the issue this essay was devoted to. British writers played a significant role in the process of the development of essays. It was Great Britain where essays were defined as a separate literary genre. Thus, a British essay is considered to be the founder of the essay genre.
British essay is changing

British essay had been changed considerably since that time. There appeared a great variety of different kinds of this genre. Nowadays we can speak about argumentation, persuasion, definition, narrative, descriptive, critical, compare/contrast and many other kinds of essays. Various matters are described in them: political, social, economic, ecological, historical, philosophical issues.

But in spite of that British essays have preserved their main peculiar features that distinguish them from other literary genres. First and foremost, they are thorough investigation of a certain problem, clear expression of the author thoughts, availability of facts, dates, quotations (that concerns the contents of an essay) and logical structure (that concerns the form of an essay).
What is the process of writing a British essay?

The writing of a British essay is not an easy task. If you obtained such an assignment, be ready for long-lasting and labour-intensive work. 5 main stages can be pointed out in this work:
the process of thinking: you find a topic of your British essay, try to find out the main matter points that you want to highlight;
the process of searching: you find all necessary information concerning the problem (it may be different facts, dates, opinions of other people who studied the issue);
the process of planning: you outline the main points of your British essay (that is what you will write in introduction, body and conclusion), so, you make some kind of an essay draft;
the process of writing: you write your essay taking into account all the points mentioned above;
the process of checking: you read your essay (several times is the best variant!), checking grammatical mistakes, structure of sentences, accuracy and logic of thoughts and arguments.

Thus, you see that a British essay is a serious literary work that requires for thorough study of the topic and ability to state your thoughts clearly.

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