Essay Correction

Essay Correction
Essay Correction
Almost as important as the stage of writing an essay is the need to follow it up with a thorough reading to facilitate essay correction. Imagine what would happen if you dressed up spotlessly for a college function but neglected to remove an ink stain on your shirt? Of course it could ruin the entire effect of your clothes just as a typo or grammatical error can ruin a perfectly good essay.
The importance of editing

Some of the most famous writers the world over would never dream of publishing what they have written, without critically reading through it first. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself while editing for essay correction.
Is there a proper introduction that gives the thesis of your essay?
Do the points flow in a logical order?
Are the references properly cited?
Have you followed the right MLA, APA or other prescribed format?
Where can you insert a comma or a full-stop to make the meaning of your sentence clearer?
Is the essay trying to say too much in a single sentence as a result of which it looses most of its clarity?
Is the lack of flow due to a confusion of tenses or any other kind of grammatical error?
Has your effort at essay correction included checking for spelling mistakes and other careless typos?
Have you gone through the text line by line with the help of a ruler to ensure that you have omitted a mistake?
Get the format right

Essay correction includes ensuring that you have left a one inch margin and used the right 12 point font. Most professors minus marks for faulty formatting- so use a stringent eye to check every little detail because, at the end of the day you need to aim at a flawless piece of writing that aims for excellence.
…and the flow

A well written essay should have clarity of flow and purpose. The introduction needs to be followed up by a paragraph that reinforces your thesis as well as evidence to back your claim. So gear your essay correction to fulfill these stipulations

Lastly check the reference list and ensure it is reflected in your citations before handing in your paper.

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