Essay Writing Guide

Essay Writing Guide
Essay Writing Guide
It is very difficult to create college essays without learning, thinking and writing skills as well as without reading essay writing guide. How do you think, is this true?

Nevertheless, academic essay writing develops all these skills. College essays writing obliges you to collect, analyze and criticize the information.

Dear friends, writing essays, you should present good explanations, which are interesting and logically strong, that must be clear, reasonable and supported by facts.

In order to achieve unity and clarity, for example, in political or science essay writing, a student should select similar items from his notes, states the ideas in simple, coherent sentences, place them into a logical sequence, and weave them into paragraphs, that in their turn, are logically related writing an essay.

Again and again he should examine sentences, paragraphs, and chapters, to determine whether alike things have been placed as close together as possible, and whether one idea naturally leads to the next one in the college essay writing.

The student should follow these advices:
Transposing misplaced items
Combining similar essay ideas
Culling unnecessary and repetitive materials
And correcting vague or weak reference of pronouns to their antecedents
Checking the flow of English essay writing.

He should ask: "Have I shown the connection between essay ideas, so that the reader can easily follow the arguments? Have I used transitional words, sentences, and paragraphs that will alert the essay reader to changes in the road ahead and that will gently lead him from point to point?"
Persuasive Essay Topics

Among the most widespread topics we can distinguish these ones:

Academic Dishonesty, Fat Tax On Food, Homeland Security, Transportation, Working Women, AIDS/HIV, Genocide, Abuse Of The Elderly, Teen Pregnancy, Media Violence, Weapons Disarmament, Vaccinations, Foreign Oil Dependence, Air Pollution, World Trade, Arms Control, Homeless in America, Family Violence, National Tobacco Settlement, Age Discrimination, Tobacco Industry, Foster Care, Voluntary, Welfare Reform, Airline Safety, Euthanasia, Global Warming, Poverty, Armed Conflicts, Condoms In Schools, Global Resources, Feminism, Urban Terrorism, Water Resources, Medical Ethics, Term Limits, Abused Women, Creationism vs. Evolution, US Budget, Prison regime, Government Fraud and Waste, Academic Freedom, Foreign Policy, Internet Chat rooms, Violent Video Games, Nonproliferation, Trade with China, Iraq, National Testing and many others.

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