Three-Paragraph Essay

Three-Paragraph Essay
Three-Paragraph Essay
A three-paragraph essay is one of the simplest types of academic writing. From middle school to university students, instructors assign three-paragraph essay writing on a regular basis. Whether your three-paragraph essay is a response to the article, personal opinion on any topic, or the homework task on any other question, three paragraph essay writing is the most convenient form of writing to express your thoughts.

In overall, three-paragraph essay includes introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. In the opening part of your three-paragraph essay, you introduce the reader to the topic, include thesis statement, and set the direction for the key points you will cover. The second paragraph should uncover the key points and provide your thoughts on the topic. Finally, the conclusion paragraph is the place to provide logical conclusion to the essay.
Steps for writing a three-paragraph essay

Step 1: Consider Your Topic

The choice of the topic is one of the most difficult steps as the result of your choice determines the course of the writing. If you choose too broad (too general) or to specific topic, you may find yourself in the situation when you have nothing to say about it. On the other side, wrong topic may lead you to the situation when you cannot all necessary ideas into a short, three-paragraph essay. Therefore, be attentive to choose the most suitable topic.

Step 2: Write an Outline

Outline will help you organize your ideas better. For a three paragraph essay, you need to include thesis statement, key ideas, and concluding phrase. Then, you will use this simplified outline to develop it into a full essay. Without the outline, you may not be able to distinguish between different paragraphs and your essay will lack logic and structure.

Step 3: Start Writing

Once you have a simple outline at hand, you may start writing your three paragraph essay. At this point, you may write whatever comes into your head as you will have an opportunity to add, delete, replace, and rephrase different sections during the final step of three-paragraph essay writing.

Step 4: Bring in Color

Yes, three-paragraph essay is a short assignment, but it does not mean that you may ignore the importance of making it interesting for readers. If the assignment is of informal type, do not hesitate to bring in color into writing, add personal perspective, or examples from your life.

Step 5: Editing

At this final stage, you need to check your essay for proper format, check the grammar, logic, and other minor aspects which have significant impact on the overall quality of your assignment.

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