Medical School Essays

Medical School Essays
Medical School Essays
One of the important things you need to do to get in to a first-class medical school is to create a persuasive essay that stands out from the crowd. To do that you have to move away from the stereotype and present yourself as a person that has a balance of both scientific abilities as well as soft skills. The golden rule is keeping it short and interesting.

Medical school essays should start with a captivating beginning that leads in to an engaging theme. Remember to let your individuality flow through your pen. Your Medical school essays should leave the admissions committee feeling like they have met someone really special who can be an ideal candidate for admission.

Basically, medical school essays need to integrate two themes:
What motivates you to become a doctor?

You may have always wanted to be a doctor but you should not say that in the opening line of your Medical school essays. A better approach would entail writing about early experiences that led to such a decision. It could be that a doctor saved the life of someone who was seriously ill and now is the time to write about it. Try some soul searching and insight to motivate the admissions committee and to emphasize your uniqueness.
What abilities and characteristics qualify you to be one?

You do not need to make an extensive list in this section on your qualities. That would make your essay sound monotonous and have the admissions committee nodding off somewhere in the middle of your medical school essays. Your essay will make interesting reading only when you zero in on real life experiences that showcase a relevant ability or quality.
A harmonious whole

It is important that you think of the essay as an integrated whole, not as a checklist.The same experiences that motivate you to become a doctor can also showcase your qualities that way you won’t have to divide your essay in to two halves. Other helpful things to include in Medical school essays:
Hospital experience: If you have any experience with hospitals now is the time to mention this to demonstrate that you are efficient in such a setting and can empathize with patients. Also touch on any lessons you learnt from the experience.
Researching experience: any medical school will be more interested if you have laboratory experience so make sure you integrate this in to your medical school essays.
Convey relevant qualities: if you are an original thinker and show rare initiative in difficult times-write about it in an interesting manner and be sure to narrate any incident in which you made a difference through active initiative.
Avoid run of the mill phrases: say what you need to in an original and interesting manner through personal details from your life.

To conclude, keep your medical school essays short and to the point, avoid repeating words that can end up sounding monotonous, stay focused and pick on an effective central theme. Lastly make sure that you review your medical school essays and ask your friends for some constructive criticism before handing it in. Best of luck!

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