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MBA Essays
MBA Essays
If you have your eyes set on a reputed business school as an MBA applicant then you should know that there is no single magic formula that goes in to writing that winning MBA essay. Read on to discover some vital do’s and don’ts that will help you to get in to the business school of your dreams with an MBA Essay par excellence.
What to avoid

To start with, do not use difficult words just to sound clever. MBA essays that stitch together a lot of complicated words and sentences along with phrases like ‘a global village,’ and other pompous platitudes as well as numerous acronyms, will certainly not get in to that business school. In fact it can most definitely keep you out of it.
Sincerity first

The entire thrust of your essay should aim to show you out as a unique and promising MBA student that is multi-faceted and completely committed. In order to do that the first thing MBA Essays should have plenty of is sincerity and this should be the golden thread that strings together all your relevant qualities and experience.

In order to do this MBA Essays should not be stereotyped. To avoid sounding run-of-the mill go in for some sincere introspection to find out what you want in life and why; along with the winning qualities that will facilitate your ambition. Above all be honest and avoid sounding contrived. Ask yourself questions like:
What are my unique qualities that can boost the ability of my batch?
When did I show the most promise in problem solving?
What are the things that I truly value in life?
When did I demonstrate excellent leadership qualities?
Why am I looking for admission in to this particular institution?
Look before you leap

Apart from looking deep in to yourself you should also look outside yourself and do some research on your preferred institution. MBA Essays should be based o solid knowledge of the institution such as:
When did the MBA College start?
What is its vision and mission?
In what way are you drawn to its corporate philosophy?
What are the other qualities of the institution that draw you to it? Is it the experienced faculty or is it the excellent recreational facilities?

Once you know who is who and what’s what by exploring the concerned web site, tailor your essay to that particular school. Follow this procedure and you are sure to write winning MBA Essays.

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